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Pay Per Click search engines are an excellent way to get targeted traffic to your site. Think of them as search engines where you can choose your ranking in the results:

1) you decide under which keyword phrases your site should appear when someone does a search
2) for those keywords, you decide how high you want to be in the search result (the higher, the better)
3) you decide where you want the search traffic to go, top level pages or deep into the website i.e. product page.

The nice thing is that you only pay when someone actually comes to your site. And if you choose your keywords well, chances are this someone will be a very good prospect.

Another great benefit of PPC search engines is that you don’t have to wait weeks or months to appear in them. As soon as your site information is approved, you are in the engine…well, your site rather.

Here is an example. Let’s say you are selling gardening tools and you want to find new customers. You go to a PPC search engine and open an account with them. You provide your URL, site description, and keywords that describe your products. Good targeted keyword phrases could be gardening tools, or garden tools. For each of those keyword phrases you will also tell the PPC search engine how much you are willing to pay for a click based on each of these keyword phrases. You can bid 5 cents, or maybe 10 cents.

Generally the more you bid the higher you will be in the search results when someone searches for these keywords. And the higher you are in the results the more likely that someone will click on your link and come to your site.

Recently there have been new algorithms or rules introduced to many of the bigger paid search engines. These algorithms factor in other elements of the pay per click campaign. Such things as landing page quality and ad copy quality will affect your performance in the results.


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Pay Per Click Engines

If you have never used a PPC search engine for your online promotion, we recommend that you give them a try. Here are some popular Pay-Per-Click search engines:

Trellian Direct Search Network

Quality targeted intent-driven traffic re-directed to your website!

Google AdWords – PPC Management

Let professionals manage your PPC campaigns at Google and save! Avoid the pitfalls and the vast amounts of time it takes to manage campaigns directly.


Create and place your text ads on thousands of relevant websites.’s Sponsored Listing is one of the largest PPC networks in the contextual advertising industry. ASL operates under the umbrella of advertising services offered by AOL Advertising. Consider this platform if you want exposure across a network of some big name publishers like CNBC and USA Today.

Microsoft adCenter

Microsoft is the latest of the bigger engines to provide thier own paid search marketing platform, a very good cheap entry level option.

Pay Per Click Partners

Trellian Direct Search

Keyword Research Tool

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